Q: Can I purchase chemicals and filters from Hot Tub Repair when you come to my house for a service call?

A: Yes. Every technician from Hot Tub Repair stocks a full line of chemicals and filters for your convenience.

Q: How long after I call Hot Tub Repair will a technician be out to service my spa?

A: In most cases a technician will be at your location within 24 hours. Emergency service is available upon request.

Q: Do I need to be home when my spa is being serviced?

A: No. Assuming that payment arrangements have been made, you do not need to be present at the time of the service call. No work will be performed until a verbal approval is given by owner.

Q: Do you stock parts for my hot tub or do they have to be ordered?

A: Hot Tub Repair does stock a full line of parts that are interchangeable between brands. In the event a part is not in stock, the normal turn around time is 48-72 hours.

Q: Does Hot Tub Repair offer any warranty on parts and or labor?

A: Hot Tub Repair does warranty any work performed by our service technicians for one year. Parts manufacturer specifies parts warranties.

Q: If my hot tub suffers freeze damage does Hot Tub Repair guarantee that all of the leaks will be repaired the first time you are out to service the spa?

A: Not Always. When it comes to freeze damage every spa is different. Some spas will crack in one spot and in that case yes, the leak will be fixed after the damage evaluation is complete but other spas may sustain several damaged pipes and fittings that can sometimes go un-noticed until the spa is able to hold water up to the damaged section of piping. In some cases, it has taken 2 or 3 visits to repair all of the damages properly and back to factory specs. All freeze damage repairs are warrantied for the life of the spa as long as the spa is not moved or relocated from the spot that it is in when repairs are made.

Q: Does Hot Tub Repair fix my hot tub at my house or do they take it off premises to complete the repairs?

A: No. Hot Tub Repair will never take your spa off of your property to make repairs. Some companies will claim to have to take your hot tub off premises and back to their shop to make repairs successfully. They will then charge you for picking up and re-delivering your hot tub. All repairs made by Hot Tub Repair will be made on site as close to the current location as possible. In some cases the spa will have to be moved a couple feet so our service technicians can gain access to all sides of the spa and safely make all the necessary repairs.

Q: Can Hot Tub Repair move my hot tub from one location to another or dispose of my spa if we no longer want the spa or the hot tub is not worth repairing in severe cases?

A: Yes. Hot Tub Repair does provide moving services for hot tub of all shapes and sizes. We also can dispose of your spa if the homeowner no longer wants the spa. In the cases where the spa is being disposed of, a dump fee from the local landfill will be applied to the end invoice. All landfill fees will be discussed with the spa owner prior to Hot Tub Repair accepting the job. In the event that there are parts on the spa that are useable to Hot Tub Repair, an amount that both parties agree to will be applied to the end invoice. Pre-owned parts that are kept by Hot Tub Repair are typically used for testing purposes as Hot Tub Repair does NOT sell used or refurbished parts.